Van%20Cleef%20%26%20Arpels%20Vintage%20AVan%20Cleef%20%26%20Arpels%20Tiger%20EyeVan%20Cleef%20%26%20Arpels%20Small%20FriSilver is one of eight noble metals, symbol "Ag". Silver is highly reflective of the visible spectrum, so it is close to pure white, the relative density of 10.49, the melting point (961 ℃), replica van cleef arpels Magic Alhambra long necklace Has good electrical conductivity and ductility, insoluble in alkali and most of the organic acids, soluble in nitric acid and hot sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide in the air after the combination of brown Ag2S, the ancient use of silver needles and arsenic containing arsenic reaction To test drugs in the history of money, silver earlier than gold as the standard currency.
Silver for jewelry has a natural advantage. Silver jewelry style rich, affordable, to make up for other precious jewelery high prices and low price of man-made jewelry disadvantage, will be inexpensive, Seiko secret agents, elegant taste in one, consumers can keep up with fashion, easy and clothing With, can really meet consumer demand for fashion. Common silver processing technology has chisel flowers, engraving, melting, wood metal, black silver inlay and so on.
Silver jewelry can be divided into two types of silver and 925 silver: enough silver silver is not less than 990 ‰, imprinted as full silver or S990, silver 990; 925 silver silver is not less than 925 ‰, imprinted as S925 or silver 925.
Van cleef arpels Perlee clover bracelet replica According to the process to classify, can be divided into bright silver, silver (silver), the old silver, Thai silver, which is divided into the inlaid precious stones inlaid and not inlaid silver class.
Feet is too soft, not easy to cast into the favorite jewelry modeling, and easy to wear and oxidation of black, so less for the production of sophisticated jewelry.
Since 1851 Tiffany launched the first set of silver 925 ‰ silver jewelry, 925 silver began to pop. 925 silver is 92.5% of the silver by 7.5% copper, 925 silver jewelry after polishing showing a very beautiful metallic luster, but also has a certain hardness, can be set in precious stones, made of high-grade jewelry. In order to increase the 925 silver jewelry gloss and reduce its oxidation degree, usually in the surface layer of white K gold or rhodium.
Silver: van cleef arpels Magic Alhambra ring replica 925 silver jewelry will usually electroplating white rhodium (the industry called platinum), to the greatest possible delay in the oxidation or oxidation of silver yellowing characteristics, and no rhodium-plated 925 silver known as the "prime silver" Silver is easier to oxidize in the air;
Thai silver: after Lan Lan process silver, both in silver jewelry with AgPbS mixture cover, after melting to form a glass coating, resulting in a special black and silver to form a clear texture, wholesale fake Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry Relatively strong color and hardness, the relative increase in hardness and do not fade a long time, both silver silver has 925 silver, with its rustic style, matte, the old old fashion by the favorite family;
Tibetan silver: the general non-silver composition, is the white copper (copper-nickel alloy) of the elegant, traditional Tibetan silver for 30% silver with 70% copper, but even such traditional craft "Tibetan silver" Also has not seen.
Miao silver: Miao silver itself refers to Van Cleef Arpels Clover ring replica Silver, a long time since the Miao area important jewelry and wedding supplies, but now that Miao silver are not silver, the other main ingredient is copper, silver content is not high, its main feature is the Miao area hand-made, exquisite designs , Full of meaning;
Nickel silver (German silver): does not contain any silver component, is a nickel, copper, zinc alloy for the production of some popular jewelry, tableware, musical instruments;