In different occasions, different time and place, need to wear different jewelry, so as to reflect the personal temperament, of course, how to wear van cleef arpels necklace replica Jewelry, which is a science, and today we want to introduce the principle of wearing jewelry, grasp these principles, I believe we can wear jewelry when the heart with a full charm.
Fake Van Cleef & Arpels ring Very particular about, especially in foreign countries, the ring is not casual wear, which worn on the finger has a different meaning, this is a silent language or logo. Worn on the index finger, said courtship; worn on the middle finger, has been in love; worn on the ring finger, has been engaged or married; worn on the little finger, that single. As a result of habit, usually with no ring on the thumb.
In accordance with the character and temperament of different people, there are differences in jewelry hobby. Generally can be divided into the following types of human temperament, naive type: this person's character is carefree, elegant, van cleef arpels clover bracelet replica Should use pure color jewelry. Charm type: This gentle personality, susceptible to shy. Should use modeling sleek, soft color, full of warmth of the jewelry, will appear tenderness, full of charm. Unrestrained type: bold and uninhibited character of this person, informal, should use large and coarse jewelry. In this case,
Jewelry and people's character, occupation, clothing match
Wear van cleef arpels Alhambra ring knockoffs Jewelry is very particular about, in addition to T, O, P principles of wearing jewelry, but also to consider with my face shape with. So more to show the taste of wearing. In general should pay attention to the following aspects:
Short face shape should wear replica van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace Long square shape who should wear a large round earrings and a short necklace; sharp face shape who should wear a larger round drooping earrings; on the tip of a wide face shape under the sharp shape of the long necklace; Neck long should not be short, thick should not be thin; slender, neck long should wear a short necklace or multi-layer combination of necklace; short hair and delicate stud earrings can be set off with women's Smart and lively; long hair and narrow earrings with a romantic style can be displayed. Professional women at work, should wear a solemn, elegant pattern of jewelry, should not wear exaggerated rough design jewelry.
P.T.O. in principle
T.P.O. Is the English Time, Place and Object three words in the form of initials. T on behalf of the time, can also be used to represent the time, season, season, time; P on behalf of the occasion, location, position; O on behalf of goals, goals and objects. The pursuit of beauty can not be divorced from reality, reflecting the Van Cleef & Arpels Bracelet Replica The United States must be based on gender, age, color, demeanor and other conditions, integrated to be considered, so as to form the overall beauty. In general, T.P.O. must be properly addressed. Principle of this issue. T, P, O combination of the different natural jewelry required. Therefore, Europe and the United States often have a number of pieces of jewelry to suit different time, place, occasion needs.