Van%20Cleef%20%26%20Arpels%20Yellow%20GoVan%20Cleef%20%26%20Arpels%20Yellow%20GoThe first self-introduction, I design origin, has many years of experience in jewelry design, the past two years, the design of a lot of fashion jewelery.
Because of maternity leave, it is nothing free, so the opening paste, and we hope to exchange about replica van cleef arpels necklace Jewelry with, pick and color and other issues!
Recently rest at home, at the same time I also found a very interesting phenomenon. As if women around the world will always feel their wardrobe or dresser less a piece of clothing or a piece of jewelry, always find themselves out of the clothes did not match the jewelry. This should be the world of all women in common it !! Therefore, often at home wardrobe in full, jewelry display on the cabinet is still in the jewelry is constantly looking to buy that one of the special one. But Western women always feel that the lack of such a desirable piece of jewelry, but we Chinese women rarely feel less a wholesale fake Van Cleef & Arpels,Usually a lot of pieces of wild jewelry, go out to see mood, casually with a can be equipped with one. Buy jewelry is usually out of "grass is always greener", Oh, and found a woman's common problem.