Van%20Cleef%20%26%20Arpels%20Small%20FriIf the French replica van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace jewelry is a cup of refined temperament coffee shop in the streets of Paris distributed a pleasant romantic aroma, then the British jewelry is a timeless York pudding, turn the golden heritage of generations of shell, whether raspberry jam sweet , Or bacon ham rich; whether it is the classic gravy flavor, or later popular cream cheese; all kinds of rich stuffing always in the times of change, when the classical gorgeous and novelty personality collision spark and the British Isles encounter , A dazzling jewelry drama in this day does not fall on the stage lightly staged.
If the clock pointer back to 1600 years ago, the British royal family has just begun the era of the rise of the power of expansion, you will find the infinite love for jewelry has long been deeply carved into the nation's personality. Noble replica van cleef & arpels jewelry is a symbol of power and dignity of the instruments used, with a brilliant eye-catching expression faithful interpretation of the profound meaning of the country and the monarchy. British jewelry blue blood temperament is the origin of this extraordinary. In this case,
From the 15th century onwards, a total of women on the throne in charge of the fate of this country. Born noble, talented they carry the wheels of history to Great Britain to an unparalleled powerful empire, at the same time, they are also leading the fashion trend Icon, with superhuman wisdom and extraordinary taste created a batch after batch Jewelry rare, with its bright light to witness history. In this case,
Status of prominent royal aristocracy for the pursuit of jewelry also brought jewelry industry prosperity, many creative extraordinary, exquisite replica van cleef & arpels necklacejewelry master became the darling of the royal family, which jumped on the throne of the jewelry industry aristocracy. With "Crown Jeweller," said the British classic brand Garrard is one of them. Jewelry big Boodles is inherited for many years the family jewelry maker, in order to give the British traditional tea PG Tips 75 birthday birthday, Boodles deliberately selected a number of extraordinary craftsmanship, spent 3 months, pure hand only a Inlaid with 280 true diamond, the value of 7500 pounds of diamonds tea bag as a gift. The famous Goldsmiths Goldsmiths Association, is supported by the royal family, has more than 700 years has been responsible for testing, marking the history of precious metal purity, known as the legend of the British jewelry industry.
When the classical jewelry with elegant royal atmosphere in the museum window shining, more on the fine characteristics of jewelry has long been in Westminster Abbey purple dusk spread in London under the shadow of the sky turned into the world attention sunlight.van cleef & arpels necklace In Europe and the world, the British old-fashioned famous. Perhaps it is out of this for those who passed away the memory of the good times, retro gorgeous jewelry style is still the object of people's favorite. Many jewelry brands still chasing the royal family as distinguished atmosphere of the demeanor, and the first access to the "Queen Enterprise Award" jeweler Gra? Is the king of the best interpretation of style. Also embodies the classical spirit of the traditional knight theme is also repeated in the design of British jewelry, the kind of knight's determination and handsome, self-sustaining and humility in the form of crosses, sabers in the red and blue shades of flash, Sexual temperament seems to set off today's women's perseverance and excellent. Similarly, in this capitalist industrial countries, simplicity has become a fashion and jewelry fashion, as a careful monotonous industrial style respected and carried forward. In this case,
However, when the twilight from the palace filled with diffuse, came to the street full of graffiti and rock, the jewelry suddenly in the hands of cutting-edge designers under the metamorphosis of fresh temperament. There are Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen to subvert all the traditional personality design, full of sexy and tease, death and shadow. There are also Hannah Martin classical exudes temperament - metal, rivets, together with the ruby, all with are so surprising, but so reasonable. Here more Gothic style comeback after the publicity, to become the cool black flagship,fake Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry with exaggerated and self-interpretation of the meaning of alternative beauty.
If you are already in love with jewelry, do not hesitate, Great Britain is definitely your main destination of travel. Whether you want to taste the deep-seated tales of classical jewelry, or to support the extraordinary creativity of cutting-edge artists, or even to study, to become a jewelry designer, then please fill in the British name on the ticket. In this case,
The Tower of London, the British Museum, etc., these numerous names not only include the treasures from around the world, but also the collection of the British royal family as the stars of rare jewelry. The king's scepter, the queen's crown, the princess's brooch ... ... hang around in the quiet window, as if into the history of the tunnel, into a royal history documentary. The Notting Hill Antique Street will let you heart beating, perhaps this is not a spacious street is the starting point for your jewelry collection.
These old big department stores is definitely your first choice for fake Van Cleef & Arpels ring jewelry walking shopping. A cup of black tea after a tiramisu dessert, Enron into the mall, the selection of a very British-style jewelry to match the spring and summer. Big-name Bond Street and New Bond Street is worth wandering away, just stand on the street look up at the rows of Ruleiguaner's name, it will immediately be excited, could not bear to leave. In this case,
Today, the UK has become a holy place to learn jewelry design, nearly 50 art and design institutions in the soil rooted in its strong teaching strength in the global far-reaching, has been cultivated one after another world-famous Jewelry designers, they are trying to British new era of fake Van Cleef ring jewelryjewelry style into more fresh and passionate blood.